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About Us

Dharmlata Hospital is all about care. Established with a belief of providing quality healthcare facilities at the most affordable prices. The primary motive of Dharmlata Hospital is to make sure healthcare services like : Emergency Services, Out Patient Department (O.P.D.), In patient Department (I.P.D.), Gynaecological services, Diagnostic Services, pharmacy, should be available to a common man at minimum cost without hindering with the quality of these services.


To ensure quality medical and healthcare facilities by kind and qualified medical professionals at very affordable prices.


To carry out our mission of affordable quality healthcare facilities at national and international level.

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Why do people choose us?

Everything we do is to provide care to the community in a very dignified and a distictive manner.

01 Quality

Affordability does not mean, lowering the quality. And quality in healthcare always triumphs.

02 Affordability

Especially in healthcare, people demand quality and if that gets more affordable, then, it’s us, they are talking about.

03 Compassion

In bad times, empathy and kindness is the first help that one can offer, and our compassionate professional medical team knows it very well.

04 Our Values

People value those who have their own values. Transparency, Trust, Care, Commitment, Ethical Practices, Teamwork are our pillars.

Our Services

We provide all the basic healthcare and medical facilities required by a common man.

Emergency Services

Emergencies are not planned, emergencies occur, and when they do occur you will find us for your rescue.


The service that we most often require is doctor consultation. Our OPD chambers await your arrival.


Our compessionate Professional Medical team works hard to bid you farewell from our IPD Chambers as early as possible with a healthy smile on your face.

Gynecological services

Not only comprehensive evaluation, management, and treatment, we also work towards primary prevention of Gynaecological problems before they arise.

When it comes to
Health Care

When it comes to healthcare, Dharmlata Hospital is all about transparency, trust, care, commitment, experience, ethical practices and expertise.

Trust & Care
Ethical Practices

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